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Curriculum Vitae



Name:                      Maryna Grynova

Title:                        Professor, Doctor of Education

Telephone:              cell: +380677151469

e-mail:                     grinovamv@gmail.com

Date of birth:         10/03/1961

Place of birth:         Tallinn, Estonia

Education:       2003 - raised to the qualification of the Central Institute of Postgraduate  Pedagogical Education Ukraine by category: Reserve rectors.

Professional activities: 1983 – 1986: Teacher Chemistry and Biological in the school № 30. Poltava.

1986 – 1988: assistant of the department Biological and Mathematical knolage of Pedagogy Poltava Pedagogical University V.G Korolenko;

1988 - 1990 - Trainee Researcher Research Institute of Pedagogy of the USSR;

1990 - 1992 - Assistant Professor of Pedagogy Poltava Pedagogical University

V.G Korolenko;



Academic History: 1992 - 1993 - senior lecturer of the department of Pedagogy Poltava Pedagogical University V.G Korolenko;

1993 - 1995 - Associate Professor of the department of Pedagogy Poltava Pedagogical University V.G Korolenko;

2001 - Professor, Department of Education;

2002 - Professor, Department of pedagogical skills;

2007 –Professor, Department of Pedagogical Excellence and Management;

2016 - Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences Ukraine.


Extra-academic activity: 2002 - awarded the title of professor of pedagogical skills;

1995 - present: Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences;

1995 - Vice-Rector of educational work;

2002 - Head of the Department of pedagogical skills;

Membership in professional/scientific societies : Grynova M. is a member of the Specialized Academic Council of the Institute of Education D26.452.01 NAPS of Ukraine methods of teaching natural sciences and K23.053.02 in Kirovograd State Pedagogical University, Corresponding Member of the scientist and branch secretary of the International Academy of Pedagogical Sciences at the Department of Teacher Excellence and management. Seven years Grynova is chairman of the jury Regional Olympiad in biology, which is effective for Poltava, as students compete for prizes in national and international competitions.

Educational activities: Grynova is deputy editor of the professional journal "Sources of pedagogical skills", "Image of a modern teacher," is part of the Editorial Board of the proceedings of Poltava National Pedagogical University VG Korolenka (series "Teaching Science"), the magazine "Postmetodyka" is a member of the Committee on Problems valeological Education Scientific and Methodological Center of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine; is the developer training standards for the profession "Valeologiya" compiler psychological and educational tests for students aimed at teaching the profession, by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Prizes and Awards: Diploma of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine (1997), a sign of "Excellence in Public Education" (1999), Diploma of the medal Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (2000), entered in the book "Women of Ukraine" (2001) "Famous women of Ukraine" (2005), diploma of Ukrainian V. Sukhomlinsky Association (2006), Diploma of Poltava Regional Council for the award of badges (2008), managing blessing diploma Poltava Eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Eminence Philip Archbishop of Poltava and Mirgorodskogo (2009), Diploma of executive Committee Poltava City Council for the award of badges (2009), diploma of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine (2010), entered in the "Book of teaching fame" (2010), Diploma of the Supreme Council of Ukraine for outstanding achievements to the Ukrainian people (2010), Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church for services to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (2011). Prize winner L. Brazova in the "Current Affairs" (2012), medal of Cherkasy National University named after B. Khmelnitsky for his significant contribution to the development of the University (2013), State Prize in Science and Technology of Ukraine (2013) included in the book "State awards and awarded in Ukraine" (2014).

Main results: Grynova covered in about 500 papers, including more than 20 monographs and textbooks, 11 of which are classified by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The direction of research: teaching science.

The main publications:


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Patents: Certificate of registration of copyright №42031 2. 02. 2012. M. Grynova. Instructor's Manual «Samoregulaciya».

PhD, who defended their thesis under the supervision of Professor M. Grynova:

2004. Kutorzhevska Lyubov. Preparing future teachers to work in secondary teacher education for orphans.

2005. Znachenko Elena. Formation of information culture of the future teachers of humanities.

Fedorenko Julia. Formation of high school students' communicative competence in the process of learning a foreign language.

Stryzhak Svetlana. Scientific and methodological bases of training future teachers of natural sciences in higher education.

Ribalko Elena. Formation of readiness of students of biological faculties of education to adolescents cultural relations.

Nadiya Bilyk. Simulation of education in-service training for teachers. 

2006. Peskun Svetlana. Didactic conditions of creative development of pupils in the process of studying the natural cycle of secondary school.


2007. Litvynuk Ludmila.Teacher stimulate professional growth of teachers of secondary schools.

            Dacenko Oleksandr. Pedagogical conditions of children's creative teams Poltava.


2009. Sharapova Ludmila. Reform of university education content of modern France.

Moroz Yuri. Pedagogical foundations of recovery primary school children in the educational process of secondary school.


2010. Kolos Yuliya. Formation of information technology competence of interpreters during training.

Sorokina Galyna. Formation of functional competence of communication professionals in learning technical disciplines.

Sviridenko Olena. Pedagogical conditions of education of a healthy lifestyle of adolescents in youth sports schools.

Konovalec Nataliya. Didactic principles electronic textbook development as a means of teaching students of agricultural colleges.


2011. Denysovec Tamara. Raising a healthy lifestyle disadvantaged children in boarding schools.

Dyachenko-Bogun Maryna. Pedagogical conditions of environmental education high school students.

Shupta Iryna. Preparing future managers Ukraine to conflict prevention in management.

Popovich Oleksiy. Parenting physical qualities high school students in groups of training youth sports schools.


2012. Vorona Larysa. Research and teaching activities Nikolay Bogolyubov.

Krashenko Yuri. Education leadership qualities of future teachers in the system of student government.

2013. Kyryluk Oksana. Education leadership qualities of future teachers in the system of student government.

            Kopilec Yevgeniy. Raising environmental value orientations of adolescents in the study of general geography.

2014. Kalinichenko Iryna. Parenting teenagers with special educational needs in terms of inclusive educational environment.

            Matvienko Yuri. Educating socially active individual future teachers in student government.

            Ageycheva Anna. Trends in distance education reform in higher education in Sweden.

Moskalenko Oleksandr. Development of teaching local history of Poltava (end of XIX-XX centuries).

Doctorates, who defended their thesis under the supervision of Professor M. Grynova:

2012. Valentyna Onipko.Theoretical and methodological basis of preparation of future teachers of natural sciences to professional activity in profile school.


2014. Tkachenko Andriy. Professional development and self-development of personality in the artistic heritage of Makarenko.


2015. Kulish Sergey. Tradition and innovation in the preparation of the teaching staff of the University of Kharkov in XIX - early XX century.


Grynova M. - Doctor of Education, Professor, Head of Teaching Excellence and Management, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Poltava National Pedagogical University Korolenko, honored worker of Ukraine, corresponding member of the International Academy of Teacher Education, State Prize in Science Ukraine and Technology.